Classic Manual Spice Grinder – Black Wood Grinder in 5″


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Classic Manual Spice Grinder – Black Wood Grinder in 5″

Simple, but efficient. On the outside a black, wooden, classic look and on the inside a sharp and efficient ceramic grinder. Combine a classic style with modern materials and you’ve got this amazing manual spice grinder!

  • High Quality Materials
  • Black Wood Classic Design
  • Portable & Easy-to-use

Wood, aluminium and ceramic. Every one of these materials give you something extremely important in grinders – durability. This way, you can use it how often you wish without even having to worry with signs of wear and tear or blunt blades.

There is no way you can look at this blackened wood without imagining it on your dinner table, ready to season some thick steak or some light salad. We’ve talked about efficiency, but what about its classic style?

The top comes out, effortlessly, to stock up in condiments. Then, just rotate its top and let its razor-sharp grinder do its work. Lastly, it measures 1.8in (4.7cm) in diameter and 6.6in (17cm) in height.

What you get:

  • 1 x Manual Spice Grinder

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Wood, Aluminium and Ceramic Grinder


17cm x 4.7cm / 6.63" x 1.84'"


Salt, Pepper, Herbs & Other Spices


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