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The Best Spice Grinders on the Market

High Quality Materials

A lot of companies use these words to describe their products without even getting into details, leading to some distrust over this term. That’s why we’re here to explain the advantages of every single material used in the making of these amazing spice grinders. Firstly, the structure. It can be ABS shell plastic, which is very different from the flimsy plastic you’ll see in most common household products, and is used to make hard helmets. It can also be the professional ceramic or the popular 304 stainless steel. Why 304? Well, besides having all the fantastic features of stainless steel (durability, sturdiness and a polished texture), the 304 also confers it corrosion resistance, a very important aspect when working with food. Some grinders are also made of elegant wood, combining efficiency and a vintage look like no other appliance. Secondly, you’ll also see some sections made of acrylic glass (10x stronger than regular glass), perfect for knowing which spice is inside the grinder and how much you’ve got left, and others made of silicone, ideal for a more comfortable grip without having the grinder slipping all around the place.

Diverse Designs

Even though we’ve got electric and manual grinders, their nature does not define their design, meaning you’ll also find electric ones with a more vintage vibe, as well as manual ones with a modern aspect. We know it’s not easy choosing just one but, before doing it, we recommend you imagining your kitchen (or the place were it will stay). Which design best matches your kitchen’s vibe? A vibrant colored grinder, with a simple shape, but a fiery red? An electric and futuristic-looking one, with an elegant silver? An old-fashioned wooden one, with that classic round top? Or maybe a combination of all three? No need to worry, because we’re pretty confident that you’ll find the perfect grinder for you, here at GrinderGo!

Amazing Features

Every single day we spend, here at GrinderGo, we discuss how we can create better products overall, for you. That leads to some amazingly convenient features, the most interest one being the automatic gravity grinder. With this amazing tool, grinding was never this easy! The only thing you need to do, in order to turn it on, is to slightly tilt it. To turn it off, just place it in a straight vertical position. Besides that, most of our electric grinders also bring a LED light on one end, so you can see where the spice is going to fall and avoid any spilling or unwanted mess. Some are also made with 2 grinders in each end and a division in the middle, meaning you can grind 2 different spices with just one appliance. Others are easy to disassemble and, therefore, amazingly portable, while most of our spice grinders also allow you to adjust the coarseness of the ground spice.

Our Range of Spice Grinders

We’ve got a diverse range of spice grinders, with differences in design, materials, shape and other features. This way, you can find the perfect spice grinder for yourself and for your dinner table. Despite that, for an easier decision process, we divide them in two groups:

Firstly, the manual spice grinders. There is no experience like grinding some pepper on a freshly baked pizza with a manual, wooden, vintage-looking spice grinder. Trust us when we say the difference between freshly ground and powdered spices you buy at the market is abysmal. So, take advantage of these manual grinders that offer you a pleasant experience (comfortable, non-slip handles) and some amazing results (ceramic wheels and stainless steel blades, for example). Made of wood, ABS plastic or acrylic glass, they are extremely sturdy and durable and, due to the variety of designs we offer, there isn’t a dinner table that won’t be spruced up with them.

Secondly, the electric spice grinders. These ones combine the modern and minimalist looks of silver and black with the amazing convenience and effortless use of electric machines. Some you press a button, while others you just have to tilt them to start grinding some spices. Durable, portable and efficient, they don’t just bring aromatic spices to the dinner table, but a lot of amazing features as well.

What you get with our Spice Grinders

Quality Results & Durability

You know why you can use our manual spice grinders, effortlessly, with just your fingertips? It’s because we use only the very best materials - either modern stainless steel or extremely durable ceramic grinding wheels. Now, there are a few reasons for this decision. Firstly, they won’t heat up the ingredients when grinding them, meaning they won’t alter, in any form, your delicate spice’s flavors. Secondly, they will maintain that characteristic sharpness (the wheel's grooves) for a really long time, so you can use it how often you wish without having to worry with bluntness. Then, they’re also amazingly sturdy (won’t break that easy, even with some hard spices) and won’t react with chemicals, avoiding any rust whatsoever. Lastly, both stainless steel and ceramic are the ideal materials because they're not overly expensive and, therefore, allows us to offer you a high-quality product for a fantastic price tag!

Amazing Price Tags

When we say the words “amazing price tags”, it doesn’t mean they will be the lowest you’ll see on the market, but rather the most fair. If we wanted to go for the lowest, we would used worst materials and created fewer features, but the truth is that we always put our efforts in finding that perfect balance between a quality product and a fair price. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more, there’s always the more modern electric grinders, packed with amazing technological features, but we know that not everyone is on the same page when spending money in appliances, and that’s why you can also get a manual and efficient spice grinder, without breaking the bank.