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The Best Herb Grinders on the Market

High Quality Materials

Our most economic grinders aren’t made of the common plastic you see in most plastic products, but hardened plastic instead, meaning you can get a durable and efficient tool for just a couple bucks. Not only that, but it’s usually see through, so you can closely see your herbs while they’re being ground, allowing for a better control over the final result. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you have the metal grinders - much more durable, sturdier and with a better performance overall. The smooth rings allow you to grind, effortlessly, while the quality metal avoids rust or signs of wear and tear. If you choose one of our 4 layer grinders, the herb’s powders will be efficiently deposited on the bottom, due to our competent opaque steel filters.

Stylish Designs

This is where we went all in (and we’re not just talking about our poker chip styled grinder). Maintaining features like durability, efficiency and comfort, we just went crazy on the designs, offering you an amazingly diverse range of different styles. On one side of the table we’ve got more simpler ones – one color, elegance and resilience. They’re the type of grinders that won’t call too much attention, but are good-looking, minimalist and crazy efficient. Be plastic or metal, you’re guaranteed a solid and stylish grinder. Then, on the other side of the table, we’ve got the more creative ones. There’s realistic cookie shaped grinders, skulls with crowns, neon colored ones, poker chips and some even have a lever on the top! But don’t you think we’ve sacrificed performance to reach those levels of creativity! So choose the one that best suits your personality and start grinding!

Amazing Performance

Be diamond-shaped teeth or the classic pyramid ones, be stainless steel or hardened plastic, the truth is that these grinders will flawlessly crumble every single herb you put in them. Efficiency is a big word in our dictionary, so we want you to be able to place your herbs inside them, effortlessly rotate them and reach amazing results, in a matter of seconds. We even got a state-of-the-art blade cutter, meaning that, instead of teeth on both sides, there’s these strong thick blades that rotate and grind even the hardest of herbs. After that, you just have to collect the pieces from the middle layer and the herb’s powder from the bottom one!

Our Wide Range of Herb Grinders

Even though, inside these two groups, there’s still a large amount of different settings and features, the most efficient way to organize our range of grinders is to divide them into the plastic grinders and the metal ones.

The plastic grinders are for those people who don’t use them that often, or just aren’t ready to spend a lot of money on one. For that reason, if you browse through our products, you’ll realize you can buy a quality product for just a couple bucks, today. 2,3 or 4 layers, storage or no storage, blank or with designs, we’ve got grinders for everyone. Made of hardened plastic, they won’t be as durable as the metal ones, but they’re sturdy enough to grind, often, without showing signs of wear and tear for a really long time.

Now, if you’re a more avid smoker, and you don’t mind investing a little more on a quality product, the metal grinders are just up your alley. There are three major features these grinders bring to the table. Firstly, and due to its stainless steel structure, it’s its durability. You can drop them and use them on a daily basis and you still won’t see any signs of wear and tear. Secondly, it’s its efficiency – hard diamond-shaped, stainless steel teeth and smooth rings are the culprits behind amazing and effortless results. Lastly, its design’s variety. From more simpler and under the radar products, to more creative and colored ones, we guarantee you that the ideal grinder that matches your personality and style is at the distance of an “add to cart” button.

What You Get with Our Herb Grinders

Expert Craftsmanship & Professional Performance

An herb grinder can’t just be efficient and stylish. There are a lot of features that can turn an average product into an amazing deal – and that’s what we focus on here, at GrinderGo. First, you’ve got grinders with just 2 layers (teeth on both sides), with 3 layers (teeth on both sides of the first section with an opaque steel filter dividing the bottom part – where the herb’s powder will fall) and 4 layers (teeth on the top section, a middle part where you can collect your herbs and an opaque steel filter dividing the bottom part – again, for the herb’s powders). Then, you also have grinders with storage containers, non slip textures, extra pollen scrapers and there’s one that even brings a lever on top, for an easier grinding.

Comfortable and Effortless Use

Are you sick of metal grinders gaining rust or plastic ones getting sticky and hard to rotate? If you shop here, at GrinderGo, you won’t need to worry with that any more. First, the materials we use were tested to make sure you have a comfortable grip, while a non-slip texture was added for a more effortless use. Then, due to some smooth inside rings and sharp teeth, even the hardest herbs will be powerless against them, making sure you’ll only need a few seconds and almost no effort at all to get the results you want. We also have one grinder that uses a lever on top, instead of the traditional system, offering you the same results, with even less effort. Lastly, the metal ones also offer you magnetic lids – we know how annoying it is to accidental spill our herbs all over the floor! So don’t let this opportunities slip through your fingers and get your own amazing grinder, today!