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The Best Manual Coffee Grinders on the Market

High Quality Materials

There’s 2 main materials that make up our manual coffee grinders. Some are made of durable and sturdy stainless steel, which not only has amazing features like corrosion resistance, but it is also very versatile, allowing us to go for more creative and elegant designs. Others combine a beautiful metal handle with a sturdy wooden structure, creating a vintage-looking vibe you won’t get in many kitchen appliances, at this price. We’ve talked about how durable our grinders are, but what about their excellent grinding wheels? Made of either ceramic or stainless steel, you can easily grind coffee beans and some other small ingredients, effortlessly, without worrying about the grinding wheel ever going blunt. Lastly, some coffee grinders even have an acrylic transparent section (10x stronger than glass), where you can see your beans getting ground.

Creative Designs

Even though our manual grinders carry some amazing features like portability and efficiency, you just have to look at our range to realize we also focused immensely in offering you a diverse variety of fantastic designs. If you’re looking for something more portable to bring work or to travel with, we’ve got some simple, modern and minimalist designs, where convenience rules. If you want something to be in your kitchen, that also brings some aesthetic value, we suggest you take a look at some of our wooden, vintage-looking designs. There’s a coffee grinder perfect for everyone, you just have to browse through our products and choose the one that you enjoy the most.

Effortless to Use

Nowadays, you can own tools that offer you the possibility to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee, made with freshly ground coffee beans, whenever you want. Luckily, here at GrinderGo, we’ve got just the products for you! The best part is that, besides carrying an excellent price tag, these manual grinders are amazingly simple and effortless. With minor changes here and there, the gist is this – place the beans on the top part, rotate the lever and collect your coffee powder on the bottom section. Comfortable handles, efficient blades, flawless grinding wheels, silicone anti-slip rings and other features also contribute to this effortless use. Some pieces are also able to be disassembled, making these manual grinders very easy to wash!

Our Range of Manual Coffee Grinders

Even though there’s a large variety of products inside our manual coffee range, we can divide them in two major groups – the more modern-looking grinders and the more vintage ones. Features like materials’ durability, general sturdiness, blades’ efficiency and expert craftsmanship are guaranteed in all our products, so the big difference between these 2 bigger groups is mainly in terms of design.

Browsing through our range of more modern-looking manual grinders will make you realize a couple of things. Firstly, how good is stainless steel? Not only does it turn a product into a durable one, but that silver look matches so well with some black tones, creating some minimalist, simple designs and, therefore, a futuristic vibe. Secondly, acrylic glass is our friend! First, because it lets you see your condiments and second because it’s 10x harder than regular glass. Lastly, portability and effortlessness are also two big words in our vocabulary and that’s why we made them small and easy to disassemble, while adding features such as non-slip silicone rings and comfortable handles.

Our more classic manual grinders are a combination between an exceptionally efficient product and an amazingly elegant piece of decoration. Different products bring back different time periods. Some silver, cookie jar shaped ones remind the 50’s dinner style, while some wooden and metal ones bring back much older memories, with detailed metal ornaments and beautiful wood tones. Packing a nice sized storage for the powder, don’t you think because they look classic and vintage, they won’t perform as well as the more modern-looking grinders! The same efficient blades and expert craftsmanship lets us maintain the same quality, while going for more creative designs.

What You Get with Our Manual Coffee Grinders


Since you don’t really need a power plug to use these grinders, we though we should increase our focus in the portability aspect and turn a product usually found inside a cabinet or on your kitchen counter, into a grinder you can bring to work or travels. That’s why we also have some smaller ones, ranging between 5.1in and 8in (13cm and 20cm) in height, that are able to maintain their efficiency, wherever you take them. Some even bring a cup, from where you can drink, while others are easily dismounted and stored away. There is no more excuses not to have a tasty cup of coffee, made from freshly ground beans, wherever you are.

Efficient Grinding

Don’t let these grinders' size fool you, because, under the hood, they’ve got some amazingly-efficient grinding wheels and blades, ready to grind beans to whichever sized-powder you prefer (adjustable coarseness). Made of ceramic or food grade stainless steel, they guarantee a flawless experience. Firstly, there’s not that much effort involved in grinding most beans and nuts – the wheels and blades do most the work. Secondly, their durable sharpness and effectiveness offer you months of constant use without any signs of wear and tear, meaning you won’t have to worry with changing them soon. Lastly, ceramic and stainless steel don’t overheat that much, meaning they won’t heat your beans when grinding them, ensuring they maintain the utmost quality.

Comfortable Handles

Usually wooden or made of ABS, our handles are thought out with one word in mind: comfort. The great grinding wheels or blades will allow you to grind your beans without too much effort, but it’s the comfortable handles that turn this task into a much more enjoyable experience. Not only do they perfectly fit in your hand, but you can grind for how long you wish without feeling sore hands.