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The Best Electric Coffee Grinders on the Market

High Quality Materials

Every material used on these electric coffee grinders combines a couple of important features for us, here at GrindersGo. First, durability. Be the stainless steel blades, the ABS plastic, the acrylic glass or the ceramic grinding wheels, our products are made to last. Not only are they shock-resistance - a bump here and a fall there won’t cause too much damage, but they can also be used as often as you wish without showing any signs of wear and tear. Secondly, the price tag. Balancing the price vs quality debate is never easy, but this choice of materials allows us to do just that! Lastly, the style. Just by quickly browsing through, you’ll realize how modern and stylish these grinders look, be the more classic black & silver ones or the more colorful ones.

Potent Performances

Even though we’re talking about some powerful motors, ranging from 130W to an astonish 400W, they are all fairly quiet, allowing you to effortless grind coffee beans, in the morning, without leaving a buzzing sound in your ears. But yes, they have some true beasts under the hood. Some even let your grind other spices and nuts besides coffee beans, combining some amazing force with razor-sharp blades. That’s why we also made sure you could reach amazing results while having a safe experience (the blades only start working when the lid is safely closed). And because everyone deserves to own these appliances, wherever you are, you still have the choice between 3 different types of plugs (EU, UK and AU).

Amazing Features

There are a plentiful of features that make these grinders into the best ones on the market. For example, adjustable coarseness – you can decide how thick you want your powder and, therefore, create your own personalized, tasty cup of coffee. Dismountable pieces and extra brushes also turn the cleaning and washing process into a much more effortless and easier one. Clear acrylic lids allow you to better control the grinding time and achieve spotless results while the ceramic used in the blades will grind the ingredients without heating it up, maintaining their fantastic flavors. Lastly, no moisture will penetrate the stainless steel walls, guaranteeing you dry fresh coffee powder, at any time.

Our Wide Range of Electric Coffee Grinders

Powered by powerful motors, these electric coffee grinders are amazingly efficient, differing in some aspects, such as materials and settings. Despite that, the bigger differences are in terms of design, so we decided to divide them in two major groups.

The first range consists of grinders that look like professional appliances, with more minimalist designs, perfect for modernizing your kitchen. It includes the PLUS - Elegant Design; the MINI – Super Portable Design; the PRO – Modern Design; and the PRO X – Modern Design. With motors ranging between 200W and 400W, these grinders are extremely durable and efficient, mainly due to their stainless steel structure and ceramic blades. Some are dismountable and bring extra brushes for easier cleaning, while others were made with one word in mind: portability. Safety is also a big concern for us, here at GrinderGo, and that’s why not only do we use food grade stainless steel, but our motors only work when the lid is safely closed.

The second range includes grinders with more colorful and stylish designs. You have the Classic Design, the Basic Design and the Retro Design in Orange and Blue. These coffee grinders are a much more economic purchase, because even though we had to sacrifice some features for a lower value, the differences are not that noticeable. The motors are still powerful enough to grind your beans to a fine powder (between 150W and 300W) and the blades are still made of ceramic, meaning you won’t need to worry with blunt blades for a really long time. But there is something that stands out with these grinders, and that’s their design. Colorful and simple, some even bring that 50’s dinner look you’ve been wanting to give your kitchen, forever.

What You Get with Our Electric Coffee Grinders

Elegant Designs

There isn’t a kitchen out there that won’t look better with these elegant and modern-looking appliances. Black, silver and white are the true combination of minimalist and contemporary designs, known for looking good wherever they are and transmitting an image of a professional-looking appliance. We also have some more colorful and retro designs, perfect for sprucing up a boring counter top and letting you reminisce about that 50’s dinners vibe. Browse through our range and choose the one that best suits your kitchen or your office’s personality.

Easy and Effortless Use

If our range of manual coffee grinders are already extremely effortless and easy-to-use, you can imagine how our electric ones will perform in this aspect. Fill them with beans of your choosing and press a button – it’s that simple! Of course, if you want you can change some settings, mainly the powder’s size, but even that is as simple as it could be. To wrap it all up, you’ll still receive a user’s manual with all the information you need to achieve a cup of freshly ground coffee.

Excellent Value

At first sight, it’s hard to convince people to get an electric coffee grinder, when all they have to do is buy the coffee powder, already ground. But everyone who enjoys coffee and drinks it, daily, knows every little aspect of the preparation has a large impact on the final result, be the type of beans, the water used or the grinding process. If we add our personal experience, here at GrinderGo, and our costumer’s feedback, we can tell you that drinking coffee made of freshly ground coffee beans is an completely different experience. So we suggest you browse our range of grinders, and take advantage of the amazing prices we have to offer!