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The Best Coffee Grinders on the Market

High Quality Materials

Even though we’ve got coffee grinders made from a variety of different materials, there are a few features that are always guaranteed with our products, here at GrinderGo. Those features include durability, sturdiness, corrosion and wear resistance, health safety and comfort. The framework is usually ABS plastic (the same type used in making helmets), high-quality wood, stainless steel, silicone glass (10x stronger than regular glass) and hardened plastic (pretty different from the usual plastic you’ll see on most common household items). The grinder’s burr will always be sharp and durable ceramic (amazing sharpness durability) or food grade stainless steel (food contact safe), both offering you amazing results, effortlessly.

Durable, Efficient Grinders

Their main use is for coffee beans, but when you see the damage this blades can do, you’ll quickly realize you can also use them for grinding cereals, spices, nuts, some vegetables and medicinal ingredients. Some grinders’ wheels are made of ceramic – a wear and heat resistant, long-lasting, extremely sharp material, while others use food grade stainless steel, known for its hardness, durability and, being food grade, health safety. Even though they are a bit different from each other, they can both be adjusted in order to get you different sized powder and can grind coffee beans without heating them, meaning they’ll maintain their amazing taste. If you choose an electric model, you’ll also be guaranteed a potent motor and a variety of settings to choose from.

Large Capacity

Maybe you just enjoy a small cup of coffee in the morning, or maybe you’re one of those people that need a large boost of energy after lunch. Everyone has different coffee routines and that’s why we offer smaller and more portable coffee grinders, that have around 30-50g of beans storage, and also more larger ones, that give you an astounding 240g of storage! Be one or the other, there’s some very important features that they couldn’t miss – a tight sealing prevents any moist getting inside and ruining your coffee beans and every material that enters in contact with the ingredients is food grade, meaning there won’t be any health problems at all!

Our Amazing Range of Coffee Grinders

Here at GrinderGo, we’ve got an amazingly diverse range of coffee grinders, but we can divide them in two large series: the manual and the electric.

If you’re someone who enjoys a cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee, wherever you might be, without having to depend on an electric plug, you’ll find some fantastic deals on our range of manual coffee grinders. Even though the designs vary from vintage-looking grinders to more modern and minimalist ones, there’s one thing they all bring – a simple and effortless use! Just pop the lid, pour the beans, close it and rotate its comfortable handle. They are also perfect for morning coffee routines, since they make no noise at all, while also being an elegant decorative piece. So, for an excellent value, get one of these grinders and fill your kitchen with that amazing smell of freshly ground coffee beans you’ve been craving for.

Some people just don’t have the time to put into a manual grinding, and that’s where our range of electric coffee grinders enters. Portable, elegant and amazingly efficient, you can reach a variety of different sized grains with the press of a button. Powered by powerful, but surprisingly quiet motors, some grinders are even able to grind more than just beans, turning a simple kitchen appliance into a do-it-all. Even though they are a bit more expensive than the manual ones, here at GrinderGo, you know that price tags will never be an obstacle. So, what are you waiting for?

What You Get with Our Coffee Grinders

High-Quality Designs

From vintage to futuristic, from minimalist to outlandish, from simple to colorful. “We’ve got a design for everyone” isn’t a motto we take lightly, here at GrinderGo. Inside the manual grinder’s range you can find more simpler designs, where the combination of silver and black reigns (the great thing about these is that there isn’t a single kitchen were they won’t fit aesthetically), or you can find more crazy designs, like some wooden and metal vintage-looking ones (have you seen the one with a ferris wheel as a lever?). In our electric grinder’s series you’ll see that elegance and futuristic vibes are all over the place, even though we’ve also got some classic designs that work those 50’s dinner colors like no other product! There are some offers that also bring convenient accessories, be a brush for easier cleaning or an extra storage jar. Lastly, and because everyone deserves a chance to try our products, you can choose between different typed-plugs.

Effortless and Effective

The electric grinders are just a push of a button away to get the results you want (don’t worry, they all bring a user manual), but the best part is that our manual ones were also made to give you an effortless time. Be comfortable handles, anti-slip silicone rings, razor-sharp ceramic blades and other features, you’re guaranteed a pleasant experience while grinding those beans!


Those old days of big appliances consuming all of your kitchen space is gone. Not only are we able to offer you efficient grinders, but they are also very portable. If you choose the manual ones you can even carry them to work, meaning you’re able to enjoy a cup of coffee, made from freshly ground beans, wherever you are. Some are also able to be disassembled, turning the cleaning task into a much easier one (even more when you realize you’ve got some deals bringing brushes).