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Hello and welcome to GrinderGo, we’re glad you want to know us a little bit better! Here at GG, we focus on delivering the best grinders on the market at mind blowing prices, ensuring that everyone out there – be it for coffee, herbs or spices – can get excellent grinding without breaking the bank.

GrinderGo Logo 2Grinding is booming in popularity not only due to how much money you can save by doing the process at home yourself but also due to how much fresher, tastier and just plain better the results are when you grind on the spot! Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for the best tasting brew of your life, a cook that wants to achieve unmatched taste and aromas with spices or even a tobacco lover that wants some fresh grind, we’re here to make sure that you find the perfect grinder for you – all at a great price.

We personally test and approve all the grinders we offer and we also know just what makes a great grinder, giving us an edge in finding and choosing the very best options.

We’re also highly focused on customer service and we love to hear from you whether it’s a question or simply to say hi so don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here for you!

Have a great stay on our website and shop away with confidence.

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